But the actual question is:
How does the artwork perceive you?
novel experiences, interactive art, abstract paintings

/Picaroon's Work

Interactive art

An interactive artwork is not a piece of art which is perfectly finished by the artist and immutably exposed to the public. It is a conversation, an ongoing process of perceiving and being perceived. It changes its meaning by being seen, it changes its form by being approached.

Picaroon creates interactive art since 2012. Their work has been exhibited at different events and in different countries, including the Ars Electronica Festival (2018, Linz - Austria), the AURORA light art festival (2015, Dallas - USA), the 3D Printshow (2014, London - England), the Glasgow Science Centre (2014, Glasgow - Scotland) and the Ars Electronica Festival (2013, Linz - Austria),.
The sense of emotion

What do you feel when experiencing colors and scent? Does your body relax, does your heart rate slows down, do you feel happiness streaming through your body? What do you discover when you listen carefully?

Picaroon strongly believes in the power of color and scent and its various effects on mind and body – you just need to calm down and listen. Picaroon invites you to experience the sense of emotion by creating three-dimensional oil paintings which play with shades, shadows and scent, putting excitement against calmness.

/About Picaroon

'Picaroon' is an archaic English word and means adventurer or pirate.

Picaroon was founded in 2013 by Rebecca Gischel (Interaction Artist) and Sebastian Walter (3D Designer) and is now run by Rebecca Gischel.

Since the founding of Picaroon in 2013, Picaroon's work was exhibited at world-class festivals and venues, such as the Ars Electronica Festivals 2013 and 2018 in Linz (AT), the AURORA Light Festival 2015 in Dallas (USA), the 3D Printshow 2014 in London (UK) and the Science Centre in Glasgow (UK). She was awarded several sponsorships and funds, among others by the Arts Trust Scotland and the ideasTap Britain.

Picaroon is working at the intersection of art and technology. Rebecca creates interactive installations and acrylic paintings that address relevant social, personal and cultural themes of her generation. For her work, Gischel draws on her studies in Media and Interaction Design as well as on her experience working as a freelance interaction designer for global tech companies. Her observations of how digital products are created and how they influence her generation on a personal and professional level constantly feed back into her artistic work. The other facet of her work reflects the longing for places untouched by digital trends and constraints of our times.

Depending on the nature of each project, friends from various disciplines join the adventure.

These are some Picaroons who worked together with us for previous projects:
Franz Gischel (Electronics engineer who checks our installations on security and supports us with electronic insights)
Ronald Jenkees (American Composer, who worked with us on the music for Tangible Orchestra)
Theresa Zaremba (German Composer, who composed music for Global Sounds and Tangible Orchestra)
Hannes Holzmair & Marius Bungart (provided great support in planning the construction of SURFACE X)

Supported by

  • FARE – Guenther Fassbender GmbH with generously sponsoring 40 umbrellas FARE-iAuto, the only type of our many tested umbrellas which were durable enough for the mechanical stress of the installation SURFACE X
  • Arts Trust Scotland with their art funding to support "artists of considerable talent to develop their skill, ideas and potential"
  • ideasTap Britain with a design fund to support ongoing projects of emerging artists
  • Edinburgh Napier University with an Inventor's Scholarship

Past Exhibitions (Selection)

  • Ars Electronica Festival 2018 in Linz (AT) with SURFACE X and Global Sounds
  • AURORA light art festival 2015 in Dallas (USA) with Global Sounds
  • Ars Electronica Festival 2013 in Linz (AT) with Global Sounds
  • London 3D Printshow 2014 in London (UK) with Tangible Orchestra
  • Glasgow Science Centre 2014 in Glasagow (UK) with Tangible Orchestra


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