Picaroon believes that
Art shouldn’t be one thing:

Art may point out resentments, but it must never have any itself. It should not be yet another means to distinguish one group from another. Not yet another means for conceit instead of feelings, for assets instead of values. Art, ideally, should be accessible in one way or another to everyone, regardless of educational and cultural background, of age and origin. This being said, this is too great an ideal to ever fulfill and one that will inevitably always fail. If it were not, it would probably not be an ideal anyway.

The good news is:
Emotions are an universal language.

To Picaroon, that’s the power of interactive art. Although rather playful in its behavior, the form can be aesthetically sophisticated and pleasant to watch and might even convey a hidden meaning. So basically, it’s up to the viewer how to approach and experience the artwork. And it doesn’t matter really. Emotions are an universal language, aren’t they?

Based on personal experience and reflecting the world around them, Picaroon addresses universal themes around emotions, social dynamics and sometimes wonders what it actually might mean to be human at all.

Picaroon was founded 2013 in Edinburgh and is now based in Munich.

About the artist

Rebecca Gischel, born 1989, is a Munich-based artist working in the field of interactive art and abstract paintings. Her work is driven by the desire to explore universal feelings and emotions of human existence in its constant evolving and changing nature. She draws inspiration from philosophy, literature, long stays in nature and by observing the social life around her.

Rebecca completed a Master’s Degree in the area of interactive art in 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland and founded Picaroon the following year.

Her work has been shown several times since 2013 at renowned art festivals, such as the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, AT, or the Aurora Light Festival in Dallas, USA.

a selection of past EXHIBITIONS:

Solo exhibition at the art gallery Galerini
in Munich, DE

Group exhibition at Galeria Azur
in Madrid, ES

Solo exhibition "Sediments"
in Munich, DE

Ars Electronica Festival
in Linz, AT

AURORA Light Festival
in Dallas, USA

3D Printshow
in London, UK

Ars Electronica Festival
in Linz, AT

Glasgow Science Centre
in Glasgow, UK

Picaroon was awarded several sponsorships and funds, among others by the Goethe-Institute, the Arts Trust Scotland and the ideasTap Britain.