An interactive light and music installation celebrating the magical power of literature.

“Take Comfort” is an interactive art installation that celebrates the magical power of literature as a source of comfort, support, and inspiration. The large-scale installation consists of a table with an old typewriter and 32 luminous objects. Initially, the atmosphere is dark and tense, but it unfolds a feeling of comfort as soon as someone begins typing at the typewriter. The interactive music shifts from tense to a warm and inviting mood, while each typed letter illuminates a light object, creating a beautiful play of light.

„Take Comfort“ pays homage to the poem of the same name by British poet Roger McGough.


With great support from

Franz Gischel (creating the technical concept & type writer magic)
Theresa Zaremba (composing the interactive music)
Luise Gischel (tailoring 200 square meters of linen)
Thomas Blätte (coding the interactive music)

Many thanks to

Andreas Gregor (photographer)
Oliver Mohr (video camera and director)
Max Gründl (video camera)
Hans Kleinschmidt (location and support)
Reinhard Oefele (participant)
Samson Zaremba (participant)
Matthias Zaremba (participant)
Eugen Ringeisen (participant)
Silke Ringeisen (participant)
Maria Haake (participant)
Daniel Schmidt-Loebe (participant)


Take Comfort from this.